The essence of CLEAR--MIND revolves around an exclusive experience with no sales or restocks. Our exclusive promotions are reserved solely for our valued newsletter subscribers. Each month, our subscribers receive unique promo codes, providing them with privileged access to our offerings.

At CLEAR--MIND, the concept of restocking is nonexistent. Once an item is sold out, it is gone for good, making it a truly unique and limited edition. While we may introduce a similar version inspired by a sold-out item, we never replicate the exact same design, ensuring each piece remains one-of-a-kind.

The plans of CLEAR--MIND are bigger than their dreams. The cliché phrase that every beginning is difficult applies fully to us as well. The creation of clothes under the name CLEAR--MIND began in 2017 in the city of Varna as an experiment during the free time of Chelistina, who was working as a stylist in a second-hand clothing company at that time. Her clothes were entirely focused on women's fashion, and over the course of three years, she created over 100 different pieces and prototypes. She managed to learn every detail in the process of creating a garment in motion because the teaching methods at the university were already outdated. The reality of making a living solely from creating and selling clothes in Bulgaria turned out to be completely utopian for Chelistina, and she made the difficult decision to put the CLEAR--MIND project on hold and focus on climbing the corporate ladder to raise funds. After several years and many difficulties, she finds herself in the position of "Marketing Manager." She moves to Sofia and meets Mikhail, who is planning to leave his job at the same time and fully dedicate himself to something of his own. Successfully, he convinces Chelistina to leave her job to fully develop her potential and step completely out of her comfort zone. The right timing brings the concept of CLEAR--MIND back to life, which consists of blending two entirely opposite personalities into one. A way of life and a beautiful aesthetic with marks and elements of several underground subcultures combined into one.